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Polymetal Outdoor Signs

Construction Signs

Our custom signs are made from a wide range of materials including acrylic, metal, plastic, aluminum, corrugated, polycarbonate, polystyrene, wood, vinyl, and more. We’re capable of producing signs with overall dimensions of up to 120” x 64” x 2”, featuring tolerances as tight as ±1/16”.

Reflective Polymetal Signs

Reflective Sign

Die Cut Metal Sign

Yard Signs

Custom Die Cut

Yard Sign

Corrugated Plastic Materials

They can be integrated with additional features such as adhesives, Velcro, magnets, and reflective colors. We use highly precise, state-of-the-art cutting and routing processes that allow us to create signs in practically any unique shape. Our seasoned graphics staff can create a colorful image that truly highlights an idea, brand, or message. We offer secondary services such as design, laminating, and color matching in order to provide a seamless, professional experience. We have the resources necessary to handle practically any production type, from prototyping to high volume runs. Our signs can be made for either indoor or outdoor applications and are built for repeated use as well as consistent, non-fading color presentation. We can also recommend a signage solution that both meets and exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Sandwich Boards

Sidewalk Sandwich Boards